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Washington has accused Tehran of terror plots and, and at the same time, pressed Europeans to push them away from Iran, but EU is resisting, wrote Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

‘A slate of investigations into alleged terror plots and killings sponsored by Iran has opened a new front in US efforts to persuade European governments to cut ties with Tehran following President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal in May, WSJ wrote on Friday.

It added, ‘skeptical that Iran is behind the plots’, Europe has taken up a different approach to the issue and say that the nuclear deal benefits the region.

‘European officials stress differences with Tehran on many issues but say the nuclear deal benefits European security,’ wrote the WSJ and added that Europeans are still committed to ‘dialogue and diplomatic contacts’ with Iran.

Washington, Israel and Iranian dissident groups have tried to attribute the alleged bombing attempt to Iran.

Following the terrorist group MKO meeting on June 30, an Iranian couple with Belgian citizenship, one Iranian diplomat active in Austria, and three other people were charged and arrested with plotting to explode the conference. After the arrests, it became clear that the all but one of the six detainees were MKO members trying to set up a scene to harm Iran; some European countries support of the fake scene questions their honesty in fighting terrorism.

The arrests were made days before Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s trip to Europe.
“How convenient: Just as we embark on a presidential visit to Europe, an alleged Iranian operation and its “plotters” arrested. Iran unequivocally condemns all violence & terror anywhere, and is ready to work with all concerned to uncover what is a sinister false flag ploy,” Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif wrote in his Twitter account referring to President Rouhani’s tour of Europe.

According to undeniable documents that have been confirmed by European institutions as well, the US-backed MKO has murdered 17,000 innocent Iranians, including the high-ranking officials.

Trying to justify France’s permission to the MKO terrorists to hold their meeting in Paris, a French diplomat said that Paris doesn’t support MKO’s ideology, goals and activities; no French officials took part in the conference, but since they are no longer considered a terrorist group, they are free to have their meetings in France under the conditions of not disrupting public order.

The terrorist group is currently designated as a terrorist organization by Japan and Iraq aside from Iran.

It was considered a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom and the European Union until 2008 and 2009 respectively, and by Canada and the United States until 2012.

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