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USjournal: It Is Time To Stop Supporting Terrorism


It Is Time To Stop Supporting Terrorism
In the aftermath of September 11th terrorist attacks, in which 15 Saudis out of 19 partook, Saudi Arabia spent millions of dollars and signed hundreds of deals to polish its image; the stereotypical image related to terrorism. It repeatedly sought to change the world public opinion that recognises it as a breeding ground for terrorism and extremism.
These effective efforts have fallen as soon as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aka MBS, assumed power. Hence, it is no longer acceptable to say that Saudi Arabia combats terrorism when it obviously promotes extremism, terrorism and vandalism.

MBS had claimed to implement reforms, adopt moderate Islam and launch economic initiatives. However, he quickly contradicted himself by pursuing authoritarian methods and reckless policies.
The recent heinous murder in which journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed is not the first terrorist act and would not be the last. MBS has already initiated his rule with blocking Yemen, imposing a devastating war on its impoverished nation, sieging Qatar and then arresting several princes, political activists and human rights activist.
The horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has revealed the falsity of MBS and his regime’s reforms claims, which pays no respect to the minimum principles of human rights and civil and political freedoms. The crown prince has not succeeded and would never succeed in acquitting himself despite Trump’s desperate defence.
The world is well aware that the crown prince himself deliberately and systematically orchestrated this crime. And thus Trump is offending and disregarding the world public opinion through his attempts to acquit MBS.
Many states such as Norway, Germany, Spain, etc., have expressed dissatisfaction with MBS, called for an independent and transparent investigation and demanded accountability of those involved.
This adolescent policy pursued by MBS reaffirms the role of Saudi Arabia, supported by the American administration, in stoking international stability and supporting terrorist organisations such as al-Qaeda and the terrorist MKO.
In its quest to expand its regional ambitions; having already granted the American green light, the Saudi regime has spent billions of dollars on spreading its radical Wahhabi ideology, a reactionary thought that has nothing to do with the genuine Islamic teachings.
To claim that Saudi Arabia combats terrorism is quite ridiculous, inaccurate and illusionary. Indeed, this regime has ignited sectarian clashes unlike the Islamic Republic of Iran, which promotes unity, coexistence and tolerance among Muslims. Besides, Iran has long backed national resistance movements and various oppressed both Sunni and Shiite, nations, whilst the Saudis have done nothing to safeguard the sovereignty and interests of the Muslims, despite claiming itself the custodian of Muslim nations.
Since 1979, Iran’s support too many marginalised and oppressed nations obstruct the imperialist plots. Iran has been presented, by the Western powers, particularly the US, as an opponent to Saudi Arabia, using sectarian narratives.
For its part, Saudi Arabia has backed and facilitated many terrorist attacks around the world; the recent was in Ahwaz, which resulted in the deaths of a number of innocent victims, as well as its role in the last year suspicious acts of disorder in Iran.
During a meeting between Mariam Rajavi, the leader of MKO with the Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi intelligence, in Paris, the two parties criticised the Iranian regime and blatantly intervened in its domestic affairs.
The MKO is a terrorist organisation, which has been established in Iran, in 1965, by Muhammad Hanif, Said Mohsen and Ali Asghar Badi. It had been a religious group before it adopted Marxism. The MKO had contributed in the 1979 revolution before it clashed on authority, in 1981, which led to the death of Iran’s President Mohammad Ali Rajai and his Prime Minister, and the escape of its leader Massoud Rajavi to France.
Accordingly, efforts must be exerted to stop the spread of terrorism around the world and to hold its supporters and perpetrators accountable. The claims of liberating nations should be implemented in Saudi Arabia which has the worst record of human rights in the world. The Saudi regime and the American administration intervention in Iran’s affair to cover up their consecutive failures must stop. Countries must work collaboratively and efficiently to fight terrorism, respect nations’ wills and respect multiculturalism.

USjournal: It Is Time To Stop Supporting Terrorism

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