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Iran Stresses the Need to Cut Off Terrorist Hands


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that the EU sanctions on Tehran over alleged planned attacks in Europe “will not absolve Europe of responsibility for harbouring terrorists.”

Zarif added,”Europeans, [including] Denmark, Holland & France, harbor MEK—who killed 12000 Iranians & abetted Saddam’s crimes against Iraqi Kurds—as well as other terrorists staging murder of innocent Iranians from Europe. Accusing Iran won’t absolve Europe of responsibility for harboring terrorists.”

The European, US and Saudi-backed terrorist groups have destroyed Iraq, Yemen and Syria and have murdered thousands of innocent victims. In fact, these hegemonic powers excessively support Saudi Arabia, the womb of terrorism in the world, in an attempt to fuel sectarian violence, and thus fulfil their ambitions to dominate the region.

This emphasises that they utilise terrorism to pass their targets against the oppressed people in the Middle East.

Three years ago, the Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former intelligence chief, had taken part in a rally in Paris organised by the terrorist MKO and told them he wants the Iranian regime toppled. The rally was also attended by a number of Western political figures, including Newt Gingrich, former US House Speaker.

Sponsoring terrorism, by the United States and European countries, in various parts of the world, serves the Zionist Imperialist interests. They provide MKO and other terrorist groups with immeasurable financial and military support and at the same time praise the fight against terrorism.

The peoples of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, etc., would never forget these arrogant countries’ terrorism, massacres and other dozens of crimes.

The colonialist governments describe the revolutionaries of the region, who exercise their legitimate right to resist the occupiers and the aggressors and to save their homelands as “terrorists.”

On the contrary, the ISIS, White Hamlets and MKO terrorist gangs and mercenaries, who threaten the lives and security of the Europeans before the Middle Easterns as are dubbed as “rebels” and “heroes.”

Indeed, efficient efforts to cut off the roots of terrorism must be exerted before combating it. Holding those who are complicit will save not only the Middle East’s fate but the world’s as a whole and hence security will really be achieved.

While Saudi Arabia promotes a fake version of fanatic ‘Islam,’ the Islamic Republic of Iran promotes authentic Islamic teachings and values, which forbid the shedding of innocent blood and stresses its readiness to put its capabilities in the fight against terrorism; in a real and influential manner.

Combating terrorism requires the elimination of all sorts of colonialist discriminatory practices; particularly the elimination of dictator monarchies and the racist Zionist entity in order to achieve justice and human dignity.

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