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Never without my daughter


Never without my daughter

A narrative about Mahbubeh and Mostafa Mohamadi’s attempts for releasing their daughter Somayeh from Rajavi’s garrison which they have no success till now.

“The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization was established for the purpose of armed struggle against the Imperial regime. In the early 1950s, a few years before winning the Islamic Revolution they changed their ideology from Islam to Marxist ideology. Their ideology, on the one hand, and their armed struggle, on the other hand, led to the rejection of this terrorist group by the people. Because in several elections held after the Islamic Revolution, no members of the group were elected by the people. After not reaching absolute power, they entered the armed phase against the young Islamic Revolutionary system, 17,000 Iranian citizens were assassinated in various cities and in various brutal ways. And ultimately, they left Iran and cooperate with Saddam Hussein in an eight-year war against Iran and fought against their country. This led to a total loss of position among the people. The organization, for its survival, took the sectarian and individualist approach, and censured any criticism of the organization for guilty. With various processes of brainwashing, they made people obedient to their orders and placed Massoud Rajavi in ​​the position of God, so that any question or critique of him would be considered as sin and sin. Hence, members who decided to separate from the organization were faced with acts such as threats, torture and … The following document, entitled “Never Without My Daughter,” is a document that claims to be the same. “


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