Meet the actual nature of MKO




After its ideological revolution, Rajavi’s terrorist group officially entered sectarianism and Massoud Rajavi was introduced as an undisputed leader, who even Mehdi Abrishamchi believed,” disobedience to Massoud is worse than disobedience to God” and the only way to access him is Maryam Rajavi. Mrs. Natalie Gule, a member of the Foreign Office of the French Foreign Ministry, has written a book entitled “The MKO, a sect in the heart of the Republic”, which is a proof of this. French police arrested Maryam Rajavi and some of organization authorities after finding documents indicating money laundering and financial corruption of Mujahedin in France and other countries. Subsequently, some members of the group attempted self-immolation in several places, that resulted in death of 2 women. These actions, which only emerges from groups with cult like behavior, aroused the surprise of many media outlets. All of these events happened while Maryam Rajavi was not even in hunger strike in prison. The documentary follows the description of this story.

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