Meet the actual nature of MKO



the documentary titled `the season of insanity` is based on the movie the midday event. This trailer chronicles the incidents relating to the Mojahedin Khalq organization (aka MEK, MKO, NCR, NLA), in Iran from February 1981 up to June 1982 that now known as the MEK, a terrorist cult, and 1981 During the summer this terrorist cult, attempted the violent for overthrowing the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran followed by a relentless terrorist campaign which lasted for two decades.

The totalitarian leader of this destructive cult, Massoud Rajavi, had promised his followers that the Islamic Republic would be overthrown within three months. He fled to exile in France in July 1981. The MEK then moved to Saddam Hussain`s Iraq in and over three decades waged what it calls `armed struggle’ against the Iranian nation in 1986, murdering more than twelve thousand innocent individuals inside Iran. The MEK also killed many Iraqi dissidents and a considerable number of its own disaffected members.

In 2003 Since Saddam Hussain was removed, MEK has tried to find a substitute for him as he was the only government sponsor of the group throughout its history.

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