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Explosion in Tehran’s Central Quds Store


Explosion in Tehran’s Central Quds Store

At about 16:45, on November 27, 1981, a strong bomb exploded in Tehran’s Quds building, which brought a terrible sound and resulted in the death of 4 people and wounding of 26 civilians. Two persons were arrested in this regard. The martyrs were two drivers in the gas station near the Quds store and a woman with her child. The blast caused damage to the gas station near the store and the passing cars and windows of the buildings around there. The bomb was a TNT connected to an hour bomb and embedded in a Blazer car. Names of two of martyrs are as follows:

1. Dariush Shahzadi (Behrouz Shahzadi), (from religious minorities)
2. Noushad or Fereydoun Rashad Isfahani
And the names of wounded people are as follows:
Hossein Yazdani, Abdolreza Mohammadi, Aziz Qasali, Mohammadreza Afkan, Fatemah Haghizadeh, Mrs. Ehsan Ahmaadi, Akbar Habib, Saber Mohammadi, Ms. Saifi, Nematollah Rezazadeh, Ms. Soltani, Ms. Farahmand, Khosravi, Namidi, Kazemi, Karimi.

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