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Forouq Javidan Operation


Forouq Javidan Operation

After Iran agreed to the terms of UN Resolution 598[1] , Saddam Hussein confessed at a closed-meeting that he fully intended to renege on the terms of the ceasefire to strike Iran when it the least expected.
Wafiq al-Samarraee, then the head of the Iraqi army intelligence agency and director of military intelligence for Iran noted: “President Saddam, at a special secret meeting at the Ministry of Defense told us: ‘if we succeed in overthrowing the Iranian government, Kuwait will join Iraq, so there is a historic opportunity for a massive attack to overthrow the Iranian regime and changing it with a new government which we will elect [2] ’.”
According to the Iraqi intelligence official, the MEK assured Saddam that should its members come to rule, Iran would forever be a friend of Iraq and thus support its policies.
The MEK / MKO was so bent on seizing power that its leadership willingly plotted a war against their own, putting millions of innocent in harm’s way. Most striking remains the group’s divorce from reality as its leaders continue, even to this day, to believe they have some form of popular legitimacy.
Captain Sattar Sa’ ad of the 3rd Army Corps of the Iraqi Army was there during Operation Forough Javidan; he wrote in his diary: “Massoud Rajavi repeatedly said that in those areas we were going to operate in the people would support us. But Rajavi and his men deceived us. I quickly realized that all Iranians we came across in fact hated Massoud Rajavi and his wife. I saw with my own eyes how they tore Massoud Rajavi’s pictures and his wife and how strongly they resisted.[3]”
The captain also commented on the crimes and moral depravation MEK militants so eagerly committed. How for example the group’s female militants gave away sexual favours to prove their loyalty to Iraq and its military. He also described the cruelty of all MEK militants when confronted with Iranian civilians, how they tore at the flesh of women and executed the innocent.
The operation of Forough Javidan became a fiasco for MEK and many members were killed or arrested. After the operation, Massoud Rajavi shamelessly denied all responsibilities, preferring instead to blame his members’ lack of commitment.

[1] Security Council Resolution 598 is one of the resolutions issued on July 29, 1988 to end the Iran-Iraq war.
[2] Quoted from the memoir of Captain Sattar al-Sa’ad, responsible for the development of operational activities in the Iraqi Third Corps.
[3] The same source

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