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US pins hopes on Iran’s ‘terror’ group that used to kill everyone it didn’t like (even Americans)


US pins hopes on Iran’s ‘terror’ group that used to kill everyone it didn’t like (even Americans)

MEK is a group that killed politicians, civilians just for supporting the government, they even killed Americans both in Iran and in American soil, and with this regard and despite these violence they committed, American officials take them out of list of terrorists.

This group is a cult and beside killing innocent people they even kill themselves because they cannot tolerate any criticism. They have committed to crimes like beating, torturing, prisoning and threating of execution to their own members. It has been reported that one of the members who committed to escape is in their prisons for 8 years. They have also done false flag operations against Iran, as you can hear in the audio, they talk about the operation they have committed on the oil tanker ship to rise tensions between Iran and America. They have the imagination to overthrow the Iranian regime and rule over the people but they are not capable to this and In another point, people of Iran do not accept and support them, they hate this group as they cooperated with Saddam during 8 years war between Iran and Ba’athists of Iraq that they killed so many innocent people of their homeland. MKO estimated to killed 17000 Iranians since the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979.

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