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Majid Sharifvaghefi

Majid Sharifvaghefi

Biography and Membership in the MEK

his father, Habibullah, who was a member of the Department of Arts and Culture and the master of Zaribafi, was transferred to Isfahan. He passed elementary and high school education in that city. It was during this period that he turned to religious and social activities. After graduation from high school, he was recognized as the privileged student of the province. In the year 1966, he was among the first students to study electrical engineering at the industrial University and was one of the founders of the Islamic Association of the University.
A MEK member writes about how Majid connected to the organization:

“… My familiarity with Majid Sharifvaghefi began at the beginning of the university and we participated in the Islamic Society, later, in the year 1969, Sharifvaghefi and I got familiar with each other through Massoud Ismail Khanian at a religious meeting of the students’ dormitory at the University of Aryamehr, which resulted in our recruitment. “

In the course of the first hit of 23rd of August 1971, by the documents which was achieved from a team house the name of Sharifvaghefi got revealed and police went looked for him. At that time, he was serving as an officer in the Farabi branch of Tehran’s Electricity office.
Mohsen Sayed Khamushi writes:

“One day, Sharifvaghefi was at his workplace, some agents came from SAVAK to arrest him, they went to him and told him where is Mr. Sharifvaghefi? He replied, wait here I will call him, and then he went and ran away”


With the beginning of secret life, Sharifvaghefi, along with Ahmad Rezaei, reorganized the organization that had lost all his outstanding members. At this time, Majid worked as deputy of Kazem Zolanvar. After Kazem’s arrest in September, 1972, Majid became the main person in the organization in same rank with Reza Rezaei. When Reza was killed, he got in charge of the labor branch.
In addition to this responsibility, Majid was also responsible for the security of the organization, and each month published an internal publication called “Security Journal”. This publication was one of the most regular publications of the organization by December, 1974.
Another responsibility of Majid was “the head of electronic group” and by his observation Abdolreza Moniri Javid known as “Khosro electronic” succeeded to discover and control lots of Pahlavi’s regime’s frequencies.
Relations with foreigners and sending news, messages and analyzes to them was among other responsibilities. The organization during the change of positions sent him for the laboring. Mohsen Sayed Khamushi writes:
“…He was a member of the Central Committee, he was a religious man, and during the night time house searching he was no longer willing to cooperate with others. Because the flag article published in the domestic journal, they reply that if you are not willing to cooperate, you would betray. Thus he accepted to cooperate. He eventually goes to work, where he has apparently been working for six months, but in secret with Hussein (Morteza Samadieh Labaf) and Karim (Saeed Shahsavandi) and his wife were working on the formation of a new group, they went to lower members of the MEK and talked with them. Finally, the wife of Majid Sharif Vaghefi after six months by a letter that she sent to central committee, reveals their hidden issues. “

The Decision of the Organization’s Centrality on the Assassinating Sharifvaghefi

لیلا زمردیان
Leila Zomorrodian the organizational wife of Sharifvaghefi

The center of the organization in February of 1975 by Leila Zomorrodian the organizational wife of Sharifvaghefi, found out that Sharifvaghefi separated from the centrality due to his opposition to the ideological deviation, is “armed”. Leila on a self-criticism-after being accused from the responsible person that she didn’t say the truth- confessed that she knew that her husband was “armed” from November 1974 but she didn’t report it. Also, Samadieh Labbaf was mentioned twice to Vahid Afrakhteh that due to religious reasons he doesn’t want to work with organization anymore. This also strengthened the doubts of the regular contacts of the oppositions for the central core of the organization and therefore they decided to negotiate with the oppositions. During several contacts that were held in April of 1975 between Vahid Afrakhteh, as a represent of centrality, with Majid Sharif Vaghefi and Samadieh Labbaf, they said that they no longer want to work with the organization and decided to separate. Therefore, the central core approved to the assassination of Sharif Vaghefi, Samadieh Labbaf and Saeid Shahsavandi.

Assassination of Sharifvaghefi

According to an appointment which was organized by Leila Zomorrodian with Sharifvaghefi, he and Vahid Afrakhte should met each other at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on three way of Bozorgmehrino (15th of Khordad). Mohsen Seyed Khamoushi and Hosein Siyah Kolah had already positioned in one of the allies of Adibol Mamalek street and were waiting for Sharif Vaghefi’s entrance that its sign supposed to be given by Manizhe Ashrafzadeh Kermani. on schedule, Leila without knowing about the assassination, accompany him to the place of the appointment with Vahid and got separated. It was supposed that they say the last words and Vahid, who is probably and exclusively by a tactical method, mentioned the acceptance of the organization to deviate the mind of Majid Sharifvaghefi. Vahid took him to Adib Street, and when they reached the alley where two other members were stationed and wanted to cross it, Hussein Siyahkolah shot a bullet straight to the face of Sharif Vaghefi, and Vahid Afrakhteh shot a bullet from the back to his head. His body was quickly fitted in the car trunk that was already in place, Vahid and two others moved by Mohsen Khamoushi to the Mesgarabad deserts. There, Sharif’s stomach was torn off by Khamushi and Siyah Kolah and they pour the mixture of gasoline and sugar chlorate solution, and burned it. After burning the body, one of the hands of Hussein Siyah Kolah burnt a little that in result he could not take part in the next program, which was scheduled to run at 6 pm (assassination of Samadiyeh Labaf).

Khamoushi’s Narration of the Murder and Burning the Corpse

Seyyed Mohsen Seyyed Khamoushi, one of the agents of Sharifvaghifi’s assassination, has had controversial confessions about this incident, which he also repeated in the presence of his parents and was broadcast on Pahlavi regime television:

“At the place, Ali and then Haydar and Hassan also came. They brought the brown car … We put the essential things inside the car (Chlorate-Gasoline-Brazant-Supercell-Nylon- Each one has an extra costume for ourselves- pendulum-claw nails). We arranged the trunk: first we spread a nylon sheet, then we dragged the Brezzent onto it, and then we drew the sheet over the Brezent. We placed about three kilos of chlorate in a pack of one kilogram inside the car. We bought a can and filled it with water and put it in the car, so the plan was a girl will stand on the alley of Adib al-Mamalek (narrow alley), then when Majid Sharif Vaghefi entered the alley the girl would go and Abbas will enter the alley and kills Majid Sharif Vaghefi, then carry the body together (Abbas and Hyder) put it in the trunk and then, they would get on the car and go …
Haydar went on the appointment with Sharifvaghefi. Me and Abbas brought the brown car to the alley and opened the numbers and placed the fake numbers behind the glasses and went to the operation place. We put the car into a narrow alley and we stand. A few moments later, Ali came up with sadness and said, “the girl has not come to the appointment; what can we do?” “No matter, I stand in a way that I can see the half of the alley” Abbas said. We stood there and saw that the girl came up with chador and stood on the alley. It was about a quarter that she went. Abbas said goodbye to me and entered the alley, a moment later, a gunshot sounded up. I took the cloth and walked into the alley where I saw that Majid Sharif Vaghefi had fallen on the ground with his face. I put the cloth on his face and returned, I turned on the car and wet a napkin. When Abbas and Heydar put the body in the car, I cleared the blood on the shield and we got on together and went …
Abbas fired a bullet from front to his face and Heydar also a bullet from behind to the back of his head, then together brought the body in the car. Some women screamed when they saw the scene; that Heydar shouted on them: “We are the cops. Go away. The one who has been killed was a criminal.”
We went from the ally of Abmangal and Shahbaz and from there to Aref street, we went near the Khorasan square. Heydar got off and Abbas and I entered the Mesgar Abbad road…
Abbas and I went on the road of Mesgar Abbad, where Vahid Afrakhteh signal us to go, but there wasn’t any proper place for burning the body. Because at the moment we parked the car a herd of sheep and a few me got close to us. In any case, we moved away from the area and went along the old road. At last we found a place in 18th kilometers of Mesgar Abbad road, that had so many holes. After a while waiting, we finally fall down the body from the car and poured Chlorate over the body, especially on his face, then we poured gasoline and we cleaned our hands and car. some gasoline was poured on Abbas’s hand and feet. He lighted the torch: a long flame came out of the body and also from the hands and feet of Abbas, went a little back, I jumped on him and fall him down on the ground and turned out the flame. When we stood up the flames reached the back door of the car, I quickly jumped in the car and got it out of the flames…
Khamushi in another interrogation added: “we threw the body in a hole and poured the chlorate and gasoline on it. We emptied his pocket, there were 20 cyanide tablets, and some written texts that were verses of the Quran and about 400 Tomans of money.”

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