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MEK Crime on November 27, 1981

MEK Crime on November 27, 1981

Islamic Republic Newspaper

On Friday, November 27, 1981, a horrific crime was committed by the Mojahedin Organization, in which four people were martyred and some were injured. There was also a child among the martyrs. The Jomhuri Islami newspaper in a report on the crime in Tehran’s Valiasr Street wrote:

“At about 16:45pm yesterday (27th of November) a very powerful bomb exploded inside a Jeep Blazer parked in the alley between the gas station at Valiasr Street and the Quds Store.”

The Jomhuri Islami reporter continued: “A woman and a child and two others were killed by the explosion of two cars. “Several people were injured while crossing the street and were taken to Sajjad, Mehr, Sasan and Firoozgar hospitals, three of which are in serious condition.”

The same newspaper quoted one eyewitness to the crime as saying: “It was about 5 o’clock when a horrific sound was heard from the north side of the Quds Store. When I arrived there several people were seriously injured and two persons were fragmented and a car was turned into pieces”

“The time bomb contained 7 to 11 60mm mortar rounds with 50 pounds of TNT explosives, but 3 to 6 of which did not exploded.” the Ettelaat newspaper reported.

Ettela’at Newspaper

The reporter of the Kayhan also reported on the details of the bombing:

“Several cars were damaged by the explosion and their occupants were injured. A double-decker bus was also damaged in the explosion and some of its occupants were injured and were immediately taken to hospitals with the help of our people and the security guards and ambulances present at the scene.”

People’s reaction to MEK’s crime on Valiasr Street

Immediately after the disaster, people responded to this crime. “What was happening after the explosion was the anger of the people around the blast site,” the Kayhan newspaper reported. The people, while referring to the martyrs of this crime, said: “The MEK and these gangs that carry out such explosions have never asked themselves why they kill the innocent people? Finally, what was the guilt of the drivers of the two vehicles that came in for gasoline that they were brutally murdered? Or what was the guilt of the bus passengers? Those who do such things have done nothing but to show their evil face to the people.”

Source: Islamic Revolution Documentation Center www.irdc.ir



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