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MKO’s Stance on the Release of American Hostages

MKO’s Stance on the Release of American Hostages

The MEK supported the students during the capture of the US Embassy by students following the Imam’s line, calling them a movement that revolted again to the revolution and prevented divisions and deviations.MKO’s Stance on the Release of American Hostages[1] Even after the defeat of US operation to rescue hostages in Tabas, they also issued statement and notification pointing to the disastrous failure of imperialism and supporting students’ anti-imperialist movement.[2] Between the time of capturing the US embassy and releasing the American hostages, Mojahedin has published a number of confidential documents obtained from the embassy. For sure the publication of US embassy documents and providing organizational analysis of the contents of the documents was to prove the previous assumptions and was based on the assumption that show the officials of the system, the Islamic republic party, based on the literature of the organization, were reactionaries affiliated and connected to USA. After the capturing the spy nest of US embassy, the documents which were published by students following the line of Imam, were collected and got organized. It was followed by the procedure of publishing the selective documents by the organization that they refer to it as “revealing” stopped.[3] Following this action, taking fronts and making political ambiguity within the organization’s propaganda lines, including affiliated publications and leaflets,…, intensified against the students following the imam line and the wing including fans of Imam and Islamic republic party. Another issue was the hostage’s trial which MKO supported:

“…so let us repeat for several times that if our disclosure does not proceed with complete assurance and without any fear or expediency of all the evidence you have obtained, if the hostage trial wouldn’t resolve properly and immediately wouldn’t promote to the break off colonial relations with the US, if imperialist investments wouldn’t confiscated, if you wouldn’t fight with the reactionary and liberal bases of the imperialists, the dynamism of your heroic movement will end and will eventually will face the stagnate or decline…”[4]

In the mid-1980, the parliament approved conditional release plan for American hostages. The Mojahedin strongly opposed the plan and considered it biased because of the coincidence of it with the American presidential election (Reagan), in order that they put this the beginning the relation with USA [5]and in their opinion to prove the system’s flexibility against imperialist interests and introduce itself as the only force fighting against imperialism and America. However, the organization condemned any negotiation by the Iranian government and Party officials with the United States and favored the termination of diplomatic relations with America.[6]

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[2] Mojahed Magazine, Number 50, Sunday 7 of Ordibehesht 59, worth mentioning that in another turn of the organization, the capture of the spy nest of US embassy a move that had not begun in its purest form and was exploited in its first steps. The organization called the students following the Imam’s line a toy for those who were only seeking their own interests in the process of capturing the nest of spies, or US embassy. Mojahed Magazine, Number 102

[3] Mojahed Magazine, Number 101, 25 of Azar 59, P3, some of the documents of the spy nest of US embassy were seized by the organization’s infiltrators who were among the students following the Imam’s line, and the organization uses these documents selectively n the line with its policies.

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