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Morteza Samadieh Labbaf

Morteza Samadieh Labbaf

Biography and Membership in Organization

Morteza son of Mohammad Ali was born in a religious family in Isfahan in 1946. After finishing high school, he started his education in the industrial university in the field of Physics engineering. He got familiar with Mohammad Yazdanian, a member of the organization, in the university and by him he got interested to religious and political studies such as studying the books of engineer Bazargan and attending in religious lecture sessions in Aljavad mosque, Hedayat mosque and Hoseiniye Ershad. He gradually realized the relationship of Yazdanian with an organization and recruited by him before the September 1971’s attack.

Activities and Responsibilities in the Organization

After the attack of September, Samadiyeh Labbaf continued his relationship with Yazdanian who in that time was leaked and was hiding, and spent his for the activities of the organization, as far as his occupations prevented him from pursuing university courses. The bad condition of his lessons and the possibility of firing the university, without any doubt rise tensions about him, for this reason, in spite of the organization’s urgent need for a public element, by the Yazdanian recommendation who was also in charge of his organizational activity, he lived a secret life from 1973 and settled in the organization’s secure homes. His superiors were by order Lotfollah Meysami, Bahram Aram, Majid Sharif Vaghefi and Vahid Afrakhteh.

Prior to Sharif Vaghefi’s responsibility in team houses, in addition to studies, he worked on to produce microfilms from the documents and also writing and recording the news and the Persian language programs of foreign radios. Early in the era of Sharif Vaghefi’s responsibility, he learned how to make bombs and learned how to use various weapons. During this time, he took part in training class of Taghi Shahram with Ebrahim(Naser) Entezarolmahdi that was his housemate. Sharif Vaghefi, both in this class and after that, discussed about the issues and ideological crisis of the organization that had begun under Shahram’s rule, with Samadieh Labbaf, and share his views toward the other two elements of centrality of the organization, Aram and Shahram.

Change In The Ideology Of The Organization And Disagreement Of Samadieh Labbaf With This Change

In the last days of Sharif Vaghefi’s responsibility and in before his dismissal from the centrality, Samadieh Labbbaf had the responsibility of typing and publishing the internal publications of the organization. At the same time, the article of “Parcham”, which explicitly proclaimed the change in ideology of the organization and was written by Taghi Shahram, was published in an internal journal and soon after, Sharif Vaghefi dismissed of his responsibilities.

After that the responsibilities of Samadieh Labbaf was given to the Vahid Afrakhteh and Vahid from the very beginning has taken a firm stand on his religious ideologies. He apparently accepted the harsh criticism and while criticizing himself, maintained a balanced relationship with the organization, but in secret he contacted with Sharif Vaghefi. Samadieh Labbaf and Sharif Vaghefi based their works on propaganda on the Muslim forces of the organization especially the ones who got freed from prisons that the centrality had hoped their membership and they sought to conceal the facilities and documents they had access to, and eventually to form another group. Along with this split movement, Samadieh Labbaf rented a house by one of his sympathizers, Seifullah Kazemian, and by contacting a member who owned an organization’s warehouse, unloaded the contents and handed to Kazemian. A number of books and pamphlets, three handguns and a few bullets were all provided. Despite Samadieh Labbaf’s disagreement with the organization during the assassination of “Brigadier Zandipour” in March of 1975, Vahid Afrakhteh that was the commander of the operation, used Samadieh Labbaf as the first attacker (the shooter to Zandipour). Before that Samadieh Labbaf had participating in four blasting operations at the Karaj road power tower, the office of British company of Kerry Mackenzie, the Irana plant’s power outlet factory and the police office of Karvansara Sangi, during the 1974 to 1975.[1]

Samadieh Labbaf’s Defense in Military Court  

Morteza Samadieh Labbaf during his trial in the military court, presented his previously written defense in which he described the events surrounding the ideological change and bloody purifications and the reason of his separation from the organization as:

“…I have been a member of the organization of the Mojahedin since 1971. In that time this group had Islamic beliefs and its aim was to create a monotheistic society and establish an Islamic state. Because of my religious and Islamic beliefs, I was recruited by a member of that group. And after my initial studies in 1972, I escaped and started a secret life to avoid being arrested. After that we rented safe team houses with fake IDs that we made for ourselves. In these houses in addition to practical works that we were doing, we did the theoretical studies (these studies included the religious and Marxist books that we read together. While we believed in the divine Philosophy of Islam). We read Marxist books without being examined by divine philosophy and even confirmed them in some cases. This issue plus the presence of an individual in the leadership cadre of the group that he himself was aa Marxist who falsely pretended to be a Muslim and he read us Quran for us while he didn’t believe it, and also low level of theoretical knowledge and low awareness of the members has led the group toward the Marxism.

After this change, group deal with the religious members like this, without saying them what kind of believe we had and which philosophy we adopted, first recruited that religious person who had trusted and accepted the group, then they would try to weaken his religious motives, and then by giving Marxist books such as dialectal materialism, contradiction and etc., turn a man who were already a religious man to an anti-religious and communist person.

This was the destiny of the members who were just joining the group. But the people who were in the group, if they lost their religious motivation and accepted Marxism in an organizational process, they would tell them you are honest people. They share more things with them and if they refused, they did the tricks, first they tried to broke feelings and find his or her weaknesses and make them big for the member and then they told the member that you should criticize yourself.  When he criticizes himself, they tell him that these weaknesses is because of your thoughts and accepting the divine philosophy or by their idea, this is your idealist things and you should correct yourself, and his correctness was nothing except accepting the Marxism and if he resists more, they send him to laboring that in the next level they can make him Marxist by the Marxist theories, or they purify him. Majid Sharifvaghefi, one of the leaders of the same group, was initially accused of being a traitor and later killed. No one had the right to read any other books except Marxist books or to read religious books except to criticize and crush the idealistic thinking. … the leaders of the group claimed that we had reached Marxism in practice, but when several others and I and Majid Sharifvaghefi, who was one of the most effective and active leaders, opposed them and refused to accept Marxism and we wanted to form a religious group and took the storage of the group with us they found out and committed to assassin us…”

After the decision of the center to assassinate Sharifvaghefi and Samadieh Labbaf, on May 6, 1975, Sharifvaghefi was assassinated and on the evening of that day, during a shooting between Vahid Afrakhteh and Samadieh Labbaf, he got wounded and escaped but eventually he got arrested in Sina hospital by police.

The Assassination of Samadieh Labaf

Vahid Afrakhteh set a similar appointment of the assassination of Majid Sharifvaghefi with Samadieh Labbaf on Gorgan Street, and because Siyahkoah couldn’t attend in this operation as a hitter, Mahdi Mousavi Ghomi was chosen instead of him. In this operation Manijeh Ashrafzadeh as a signaler and the Mohamad Taher Rahimi as مرتضی صمدیه لبافdriver and the operation car was belong to Seifollah Kazemian the assistant of Samadiyeh Labbaf that was not informed of what is going on. At 6 pm of May 6, 1975, Morteza Samadieh Labbaf met with Vahid on Gorgan street and by the advice of Vahid, for more security, entered the Salman Farsi street. After walking a short distance, Morteza observed that within 50 meters, a person on the crossing alley of Salman Farsi was looking at them. Morteza with Particular vigilance, realized that there was a state of emergency. He said to Vahid that: “we should leave here sooner, because I think the area has police force”. Vahid said: “you’re doubtfull, I don’t feel that”. After a few more steps, Samadieh again insist that “I am sure the situation is not normal, lets go” and when he faced Vahid negative answer, he said, “I will return” and returned. In this moment, Vahid pulled out his gun and Morteza shoot some bullets around him to make him run away. Later, Vahid Afrakhteh claimed that Samadieh Labbaf could have targeted him but he didn’t do that and his aim was to make him to escape and foiled the assassination plot. “when in Savak they asked him: you are well known for your shooting in the organization, why didn’t you kill Vahid?” “we are not cowardly as they are” he answered.[2]

Samadieh Labbaf after being injured was taken to his brother’s house by a truck, but because his injuries were serious his brother put him in front of Sina hospital and left him as an arrangement with Morteza. A few minutes after Samadieh Labbaf arrived at the hospital, Savak agents arrived and, after his initial treatment transferred Morteza to the Shahrebani hospital. In describing the incident, he described himself as a simple sympathizer, and stating that because he was disagreed with organization and its beliefs, they had attempted to assassinate him, he even commented on the question of the ideological change (the change of ideology from Islam o Marxist). Overall, he fooled the agents and they believed that he had decided to leave the fight.

The level in the organization and operational record of Morteza Samadieh Labbaf was kept secret for Savak officials until Vahid Afrakhteh was arrested and confessed about him. With the arrest of Vahid Afrakhteh in August 1975, the status of Samadieh Labbaf as the most sophisticated military element who involved in dozens of military operations changed completely. Vahid gave Savak all the information he had and shocked Savak. Following these confessions, Samadieh Labbaf was severely tortured and pressured. Not only he didn’t reveal any of the secrets of his organization and its like-minded members, but he also kept much of the Marxist-centered intelligence and their like-minded secrets and failed Savak’s interrogation. Tahereh Sajjadi said about the memories she had with him in the interrogation room of the joint committee: “Samadieh was naked and he had just a pajama. His face was so yellow, as if they put him in turmeric, the chains were on his hands, feet and neck … it was clear that he was on a good mentality”[3].

Morteza Samadieh Labbaf, who was sentenced to death, was finally executed on January 31, 1976 along with Vahid Afrakhteh, Mohsen Khamushi and other arrested members of the organization (Manijeh Ashrafzadeh Kermani, Mohammad Taher Rahimi, Mohsen Bathaei, Sasan Samimi Behbahani, Morteza Labbafinezhad, Abdolreza Monirijavid).


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