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RIMSE: MEK Mujahedins in Albania

MEK Mujahedins in Albania

Albanian Government opens a new military Terror Training Camp for Saddam’s Private Army MEK Mujahedins in Albania (Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult …)

The Iranian MEK Mujahedins in Albania up to now lived in rented dormitories in the outskirts of Tirana.

Three days ago, the government through a decree signed by Premier Rama gave them a permission to construct a facility (200 000 square meters, 19 000 square meters of different buildings) some 12 Km north east of Durres, in the area of Manza.

The facility is made of barracks, dormitories of a maximum capacity of 3 500 beds, first aid station, warehouses and depots included a totally reinforced concrete and thick iron door armory, diesel backup generator hut, parking lot shed (a roofed parking lot) , a heliport of one big size copter capacity, small arms shooting ground, gym building, offices, three two floors villas, vehicles repair shed, common hall (recreation hall) of 300 persons capacity, two smaller conference rooms etc.

The walled compound will have two iron gates protected by two guards towers each gate. The wall will be 3,5 meters tall. I am sending you the official info made public by the government concerning the construction permission of the walled compound.

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