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Shahroudi pilgrim’s narration of the bombing of Imam Reza shrine

Shahroudi pilgrim's narration of the bombing of Imam Reza shrine

The people shouted (Death to the Mujahedin-e Khalq) and along with expressing their disgust with the counter-revolutionary elements, they prayed to God for the death of the perpetrators of this heartbreaking incident.

On the 20th of June in the year 1994, simultaneously with the Ashura of Imam Hosein and the 3-day holiday of Friday, the day of Tasua and Ashura, an opportunity was provided for the pilgrims of Imam Reza.

While the people were mourning at the height of the commemoration ceremony of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the courtyards of the shrine were full of people in love, invocation Ya Hussein was not cut off from their lips and showed the hands of 14:26 minutes, suddenly a violent explosion inside the shrine and Right above the head of Mubarak Samen Al-Hajj (PBUH) shakes everywhere and Ashura of the Razavi shrine takes place in the holy city of Mashhad.

بمب گذاری در حرم امام رضا

26 people were martyred and more than 300 compatriots were injured in the explosion of the Razavi shrine.

In this incident, 26 of our compatriots lost their lives and more than 300 were injured. Kazem Shojaei and his wife were pilgrims on the day of the explosion of the Razavi shrine in Tasua and Ashura of Imam Hosein I did not hesitate to portray this incident in their language.

He started as follows: It was the day of Ashura, we performed ablution and moved to the holy shrine with my wife to participate in the mourning ceremony at the same time as the noon prayer.

The terrible sound of explosion and tremor terrified everyone.

Shojaei stated: The sound of the noon call to prayer, which was played through the loudspeakers of the shrine, filled the space and all the people were reaching the lines of the congregational prayer. We went to the shrine.

He stated: My wife was reading a pilgrimage letter a few meters above the shrine, which I urged her to come to the other side. And it shook everywhere and terrified everyone.


Our feet were drowning in blood as if it were associated with Karbala


The pilgrim of the royal court of the eighth Imam, stating that all the pilgrims were worried about their companions and relatives, added: I led my wife into the courtyard and asked her to wait for me in a corner and I entered the shrine again to help the wounded and wounded. The servants did not allow the wounded to be helped, and Marty announced that there might be another explosion and the pilgrims wanted to leave the site of the explosion as soon as possible

انفجار Explosion

I ask her to tell us about  the situation of the shrine after the explosion

The head shakes as if the image of this tragic incident is painful for him again, so he pauses for a moment, saying, \”Our feet were drowned in blood, and in every corner we looked, the body parts of the martyrs and their brains stuck to the door and wall of the shrine and the pilgrims’ clothes،Seeing this scene reminded me involuntarily of the martyrs of Karbala and the imposed war when the bodies of the warriors were dismembered by an explosion of a bullet or a mortar.

Shojaei pauses for a moment and continues with the hatred that has made it difficult for him to speak: The pilgrims were in a strange moodThe sound of screaming and crying had replaced and lamentation, as if not until a few minutes ago, everyone was mourning in the courtyard of the revolution،A crying father asked his lost child from Imam Reza (PBUH), a child who cries out to his mother in the midst of his tears, and all this is just a part of those heartbreaking scenes that are difficult to describe.

The people shouted (Death to the Mujahedin-e Khalq) / the people declared their hatred of the counter-revolutionary elements

He pointed out: With the guidance of the servants of the Razavi shrine, the pilgrims were led out, and of course my wife and I, together with the other pilgrims, were barefoot and the white color of our socks was red with the blood of the martyrs We behind the door of Ferdowsi courtyard and waited to see what happened to the people inside the shrine.

This pilgrim Imam Reza (PBUH) added: \”People shouted (Death to the Mujahedin-e Khalq) and along with expressing their disgust with the counter-revolutionary elements, they asked GoD for the death of the perpetrators of this heartbreaking incident،In the same situation and after waiting for hours, the doors were opened to the pilgrims and the pilgrims rushed into the courtyards to see what had happened to their relatives.

Announcing the news of the explosion of the Razavi shrine in the media

Shojaei reminded: The news of the explosion of the Razavi shrine was announced in the media and people were all worried, especially those whose relatives and friends were pilgrims to Imam Reza (PBUH)

At that time, like now, landlines were not common, and of course, it was not possible for relatives to call quickly to find out about each other.

He continued: My wife and I spent the night in the same house and from there we called a relative and informed our relatives about our health so that they would not worry about us. In the middle of the night we left the guest house again to go to the holy shrine،After reaching the shrine, the bodies of a number of martyrs were brought to the shrine for farewell and their last presence. Among the martyrs, there were servants of the shrine who were martyred in this incident.

This pilgrim of the royal court of Imam Reza (PBUH) added: That night was a strange feeling and mood, the prayers of the pilgrims were different from before, as if hidden cries were felt in their voices And while carrying the bodies of the martyrs on their shoulders, they prayed for the martyrs and cursed the Mujahedin-e Khalq.

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