Meet the actual nature of MKO
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Cult of Rajavi

Massoud Rajavi

Name Massoud Rajavi Father’s Name Hossein Mother’s Name Razieh Jalalian Date of Birth 1948/07/07 Birthplace Tabas, Iran Education Bachelor of Islamic Studies at University of Tehran Brothers…


the documentary titled `the season of insanity` is based on the movie the midday event. This trailer chronicles the incidents relating to the Mojahedin Khalq organization (aka MEK, MKO, NCR, NLA), in Iran from February 1981 up to June 1982…

No Exit

In May 2005, the Human Rights Watch, headquartered in the United States, described the MKO as a terrorist sect that prisoning, torturing and executing their dissident members, as well as forbidding members from exiting the organization…

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