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The MEK: Illusion vs. Reality

The oddly named People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (known as the MKO or MEK), whose sole purpose is the overthrow of the people’s government of Iran, has been busy. Some of their members, who seem to be mainly elderly, are…

Explosion in Imam Khomeini Square in Tehran

Explosion in Imam Khomeini Square in Tehran In a terrorist act on the first day of October, 1982, the MEK blew up a very strong bomb in Imam Khomeini square, at the beginning of Nasser Khosrov Street in Tehran. The explosion caused 60…

Explosion in Rah-Ahan Square in Tehran

The explosion on 23 August, 1984 is another bloody record of the MEK. The explosion in Rah-Ahan square in Tehran left hundreds dead and wounded. The intensity of the explosion was so high that the windows around the buildings were broken up…

Explosion in Tehran’s Central Quds Store

At about 16:45, on November 27, 1981, a strong bomb exploded in Tehran’s Quds building, which brought a terrible sound and resulted in the death of 4 people and wounding of 26 civilians. Two persons were arrested in this regard.

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