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MEK Re-Entered Its Military-Terrorist Phase

Has the MEK Re-Entered Its Military-Terrorist Phase? Early on December 31, Iranian news sources, as well as some anti-Iran groups, reported an explosion in front of the building of a construction institute affiliated with the IRGC. A…

The MEK Is Not a Valid Alternative

The MEK Is Not a Valid Alternative BY REZA ALGHURABI Exploiting Washington’s hostile policy toward Tehran, the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (MEK) posit themselves as the alternative to the current government of Iran. To achieve that…

LobeLog: Is France Moving Against The MEK?

Is France Moving Against The MEK?  By Eldar Mamedov On October 30, a volley of tweets attributed to Alexis Kohler, chief of staff of the French President Emmanuel Macron, announced that France, taking into account the “negative…

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