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The People’s Holy Warriors of Iran

The People's Holy Warriors of Iran The MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI) was founded in 1965 by a group of students from Tehran University who opposed the Shah's regime. Pahlevi's policy of alignment with the US and westernization of the country…

Nothing Hurts Like the Truth

Nothing Hurts Like the Truth Around 7:20 a.m. on Saturday, August 28, 1976, a car carrying U.S. military advisers in Tehran had a suspicious accident. The passengers of the car, surprised by the accident, were suddenly attacked by a…

Assassination of Three American Advisers

In the midst of the attacks that SAVAK brought to Marxist armed groups in the spring and summer of 1976, including the active elements of the MKO, they got killed or arrested, the MKO’s leadership decided to take a dramatic and effective…

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