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MEK Re-Entered Its Military-Terrorist Phase

Has the MEK Re-Entered Its Military-Terrorist Phase? Early on December 31, Iranian news sources, as well as some anti-Iran groups, reported an explosion in front of the building of a construction institute affiliated with the IRGC. A…

John McCain hails head of MKO

Balkanspost: John McCain hails head of anti-Iran terrorist group, MKO Republican US Senator John McCain hails the head of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, in a meeting in the Albanian capital, Tirana.…

MKO sudden purchase of 1700 computers

Balkanspost: MKO sudden purchase of 1700 computers and screens; what are they up to? The Albanian interior ministry opened a tender for the purpose of buying smartphones and laptops for this center(MKO), and it is not known why these…

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