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The Mojahedin Khalq Organization was founded in 1965. Their goal was to fight global imperialism, especially the United States, and the struggle against the colonizers of the East and West bloc, and their policy was an armed policy. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, these leaders of the organization with developing their thoughts of power and monopoly to achieve absolute power and government stood against the people and against the people’s choices, and based on historical documents, they did not accept the Islamic Republic of Iran, and nor voted the constitution. With the brainwashing processes and the change of ideology from Islamic extremism to Marxism, they made their members obedient to their decree and blinded them, including the crimes of the organization, entitled “Engineering Operations”. These brutal assassinations target more than 17,000 Iranian citizens, including 17,000 of them were, elected president and prime minister, Mohammed Rajai and Muhammad Bahonar, head of the judiciary Ayatollah Beheshti, some members of parliamentarians, ministers and … were assassinated by this terrorist cult. After failing to gain power and lose their social position in Iran and with the start of the invasion of the Iraqi Ba’ath regime, they went to Saddam’s side and stood against their own people and also their country, and served the enemies of their homeland. After the fall of Saddam Hussein and their disarmament, they were transferred to France and Albania. The group, with influences and methods of lobbying, money laundering and bribery, withdraw from the list of terrorist organizations that they were in since 2012 and has tried to introduce itself as the only alternative to the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this way, all actions have been taken by them to hurt Iran, like assassinating Iranian scientists, Spying for US-Israeli services, the creation of turmoil and suicide operations in Iran.
In recent years, the group, who is guilty of bloodshed of thousands of innocent Iranian and Iraqi people, has claimed human rights as an attempt of plotting against Iran in international gatherings.
In order to confront sectarianism, terrorism and warfare, Terror Spring Foundation aims to present the real face of this terrorist cult to the people of the world based on historical documents and facts.

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